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What if we told you that you could have a world class garden, at a fraction of the price?


The ability to assess the health of a garden, troubleshoot its problems, and proactively plan its maintenance in a horticulturally sound manner is the key to success in high end gardens.


For many, hiring elite horticultural services and head gardeners to manage and maintain their private gardens to world class standards is financially out of reach, so compromises are made, and more basic services employed. 


For others, their passion for home gardening sees them putting in the hours in their gardens, but finding themselves wading through endless books and blogs of conflicting information, further confusing the process, and keeping world class quality out of reach.


Our consultation services are designed to make achieving a high-end garden a realistic goal for everyone, with options to suit both home gardeners and those with existing maintenance contractors they don't want to let go.


We pay close attention to important, but often overlooked areas of your garden such as:

  •   The early warning signs of specific nutrient deficiencies. 

  •  Evidence of establishing pest and disease populations. 

  • Comprehensive health of your soils, including structure & constitution, drainage & infiltration, aeration/compaction, sodicity, hydrogen power, and electrical conductivity. 

  • Irrigation efficiency.

We of course give just as much attention to all the areas you'd expect, including:

  • Lawn care

  • Fertility

  • Pruning and Training



Choose the option that best suits yours needs.

One Time Consultation and Report

Starting at $150

We come to your garden, assess its performance, and troubleshoot any issues. From here we write up a report on the health of your garden and detail is clear and understandable terminology what actions we recommend you take to fasttrack your garden to success.

Ongoing Regular Maintenance

Starting at $200 on a quarterly, bimonthly, or monthly schedule.

For those either maintaining their gardens themselves, or already hiring another business they are fond of, this service makes it possible to achieve our next level results, without opting for our full maintenance service.


For this service we take over the management of your garden, working within your budget to coordinate your available labour and materials, after assessing and troubleshooting your gardens performance and developing a detailed maintenance plan for your chosen time period. 


This service is actually the key component of our maintenance and restoration operations that has made it possible to achieve such high quality results. The regular monitoring and assessment of soil health & fertility, irrigation performance, incidents of pests & diseases, and plant performance all work together with an indepth maintenance schedule to both keep ahead of threats and to adapt and overcome issues as they arise before they become problematic. 

Which Schedule Best Suits You?

Single Service

A one off consultation is most suited to budget conscious home gardeners looking for as much value and help as possible condensed into a single package. While it lacks the annual maintenance schedule and regular monitoring & assessments of our regular management service, it comes packed with helpful, garden transforming information, all for a one time payment.

Quarterly Service

Our quarterly services are the most budget focused of our ongoing management options. Like the rest of our ongoing management plans, this plan includes a complimentary annual maintenance schedule, along with four services to monitor your garden for threats and changes, assess it's health and identify potential problems, and proactively formulate a plan inline with your budget for the next quarter.

These 4 services are spaced out accross the traditional European seasons we've grown up following: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring, meaning that your garden will be monitored, assessed, and looked after year round in various different conditions.

Bi-monthly Service

By far our favourite and best valued option, our bimonthly services are actually based on the 6 seasons of Greater Melbourne identified by the indigenous Wurundjeri peoples, rather than a strict, bimonthly schedule.

By scheduling these services to coincide with a more accurate and relevant seasonal calendar, we're better able to adapt to each and every challenge, problem, and opportunity that each of these 6 seasons entail. 

You'll of course still receive your annual maintenance schedule, while the more frequent services coinciding with our unique climatic conditions will suit your garden perfectly.

Monthly Service

Our monthly service is the Rolls Royce of our regular management services. Best suited to home gardeners looking to master horticulture for themselves under our tutelage, this option offers incredible attention to detail in what is our most in-depth service available outside of taking on your garden for weekly maintenance. 

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