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We won't waste your time trying to convince you that your home or business needs a creative and stunning garden to go with it.

If you've spent the cash and made the investment purchasing a property, you are already aware of the need for a landscape to accompany it.

There is no shortage of quality landscape construction businesses in Melbourne - not a statement you'd expect from a landscaping business trying to remain competitive we know, but look around and see for yourself. 

The problem rather lies in the scarcity of high-quality designers with horticultural expertise.

It's easy to find a landscaping company that offers generic, cookie-cutter designs as a means to sell their construction services.

But for those looking for something unique, eye-catching, and personalised, finding a quality design team to work with you, rather than just rushing you through for that sweet, sweet construction money, needs to be your top priority. 

As the landscaping industry moves further away from traditionally stunning and varied gardens, favouring generic, low maintenance gardens, it is near impossible to find horticulturally competent designers capable of recreating the unique and show-stopping styles you want in your landscape.

When was the last time you meandered through the mysterious paths your neighbour's Japanese zen garden, or enjoyed high tea in a stately courtyard after navigating the parterres of a classical Italianate garden?

Have you ever experienced the bliss of being alone in nature as the sounds of wind rustling through gum leaves and the calls of native songbirds drown out the hustle and bustle of highways, making you forget you were right in the middle of suburbia? 



Frighteningly, due to trends in the landscaping industry, horticulture is becoming more and more neglected in favour of hardscape construction. 

Many modern companies even treat the planting stage as an afterthought and financial safety net. Should they go over budget building your pool or patio, they just make back their losses by cutting corners on your lawn and garden.

Just ask Venetia Wells from Niddrie, whose otherwise stunning landscape that cost her tens of thousands of dollars didn't last a year before over $2500 had to be spent to save the poorly installed garden-scape...

Armstrong's Landscape and Garden will work with you to bring your dream garden to life, right through from exceptional and personalised service at the design stage, through to high quality, sharp construction at the implementation stage. 

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